Final Election Tally: Higgins Hangs On


  • Higgins
With the final votes tallied, it looks like Patrick Higgins will retain his seat on the Humboldt County Harbor, Recreation and Conservation Commission.

The Humboldt County Elections Office released its post-election update report this afternoon, and it shows that Higgins has built on his 12-vote Election Night lead, and now sits 81 votes ahead of challenger Susan Rotwein.

The final tally that’s slated to go before the Board of Supervisors later this month has Higgins finishing with 50.65 percent of the vote to Rotwein’s 48.83 percent to retain his 5th Division seat on the board. Higgins’ victory — coupled with fellow incumbent Greg Dale’s landslide win in the 2nd Division — leaves the Harbor Commission largely intact after an election that left voters with a choice between its current direction and a more shipping-and-fishing-fleet-centric approach.

Rotwein supporters were thrilled when she jumped out to a seemingly commanding early lead on Election Night, taking 53.76 percent of the first report, which consisted entirely of vote-by-mail and early-voting ballots cast before Election Day. Higgins fared far better at the polls on Election Day, where he took 56.99 percent of the vote and overtook Rotwein.

In what’s become a well-established pattern on the North Coast, the votes counted after Election Day — provisional and late-arriving vote-by-mail ballots — closely mirrored the Election Day vote.

For the full final report for the Elections Office, click here.

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