HSU Students Killed the Cup


Humboldt State University recently placed in the top rankings in a national waste reduction program called Kill the Cup, in which zero waste enthusiasts encouraged people on campus to ditch their single-use cups for nifty logo-bedecked reusable mugs. The Jacks got in on it, as well as staff and faculty. The campus Waste Reduction and Resource Awareness Program (WRRAP) worked to educate people on how to reduce or eliminate waste from their daily lives. HSU came in first place for Social Awareness, measured by how many people uploaded a photo of themselves with a reusable cup to the program's app, and third place for actual waste reduction, competing against much larger institutions such as the University of Florida and University of Washington. Participating coffee shops counted a 25.7 percent reduction in single use cups.

HSU will receive a $500 grant rewarding its efforts; WRRAP says it will be used towards diverting office waste

"The competition might be over but this is only the start of a movement that will ultimately phase out disposable cups at HSU forever," said Meredith Garrett, director of WWRAP's Take Back the Tap Program.

Jacks football players and mascot "Lucky" pose with reusable cups. - HSU
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  • Jacks football players and mascot "Lucky" pose with reusable cups.

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