Dos and Don'ts of Water Pups


A juvenile sea lion washed ashore this morning on the North Jetty. - COURTESY OF ROBERT FRANKS
  • Courtesy of Robert Franks
  • A juvenile sea lion washed ashore this morning on the North Jetty.

Reports are mixed on whether this little sea lion washed to shore this morning on the North Jetty while caught in these heavy ropes or was just sheltering against them, but he managed to return to the water without help from volunteers from the Northcoast Marine Mammal Center. The tag and brand you see mean he probably came to visit from San Miguel Island. Volunteers will be returning to the jetty at around 5 to haul away the debris, and help keeping the beach clean would be welcome. They will meet at Bunkers parking lot. The Marine Mammal Center reminds folks that this is baby season for our flippered friends: Harbor seals will be having pups, and mom sometimes puts them on shore while she goes hunting. Baby sea lions and elephant seals will sometimes also make their way to shore, although they generally shouldn't be there. If you see any marine mammal on the sand, call the Marine Mammal Center at 951-4722. The center will send volunteers to monitor or rescue them. Lynda Stockton, stranding coordinator at the center, asked us to remind people not to touch, bother or take selfies with marine mammals, as it might stop mama from coming back.

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