2nd UPDATE: Clinton Celebrates, Eureka Style, While Sanders Holds Strong in Humboldt




Whether you’re feeling the Bern, heading for the Hill or dying to see Trump make Humboldt great again, we realize there’s a lot of interest in the outcome of this presidential primary. And, we figure, you want to see how your neighbors feel about the whole thing. With that in mind, we’ll update this post periodically with how the big dogs are faring, both up on our little stage here behind the redwood curtain, and in the delegate-rich battleground that is California. But, please, keep it civil out there.

First Return:

Humboldt's early voters are clearly feeling the Bern, as Sanders has grabbed 59 percent of the first batch of ballots counted to Clinton's 37 percent. Those numbers more than flip statewide, with Clinton holding 64 percent of the early vote to Sanders' 35.

On the Republican side of things, presumptive nominee Donald Trump has taken 73 percent of Humboldt's early vote while John Kasich and Ted Cruz have each pulled more than 9 percent of the vote despite having long since dropped out of the race.

When Hillary Clinton strolled on stage in Brooklyn tonight to declare victory in her quest to become the first woman to become the presumptive nominee of a major political party in the nation’s history, she did so to the sounds of a Eureka native.

On the heels of her wins in the New Jersey and New Mexico primaries — wins that are projected to make her delegate lead completely insurmountable — Clinton took the stage in Brooklyn ready to turn the page on the primary season. She chose Sara Bareilles’ “Brave” as the appropriate theme song for the moment, which apparently tickled the singer, who tweeted out:

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders is continuing to do well in Humboldt, having taken 62 percent of the vote so far and doing markedly better at the polls — where he’s drawn 72 percent of the vote — than he did in the early voting (59 percent of the vote). But Clinton still holds a hefty lead in the Golden State, as she holds 62 percent of the vote with just over 20 percent of precincts reporting statewide.

On the other side of the aisle, Donald Trump’s holding steady with 72 percent of the HumCo vote, though it’s worth noting that the long departed John Kasich and Ted Cruz continue to pull votes, taking in 9 and 10 percent of the vote, respectively, potentially a sign that the Republican party is still hesitant to rally around its controversial presumptive nominee. Those numbers aren’t far off their statewide counterparts, which have Trump with almost 78 percent of the vote, Kasich with 11 percent and Cruz with 8 percent.

With 82 percent of precincts reporting, the plucky Bernie Sanders continues to hold a strong Humboldt County lead over now presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. And, statewide, with 40 percent of precincts reporting, Sanders continues to cut into Clinton’s lead.

In Humboldt, Sanders has taken more than 65 percent of the Democratic primary vote to Clinton’s 32 percent. Throughout the Golden State, Clinton still holds a commanding 20-point lead but it has shrunk slightly. Sanders is now pulling 39 percent of the vote, up from 35 percent in the first returns, to Clinton’s 59 percent, down a handful of points from the 64 percent of the vote she held early on.

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