Ballot Measures: P and V Cruise in Final Report


Humboldt County voters faced a total of 18 measures on their ballots. - FILE
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  • Humboldt County voters faced a total of 18 measures on their ballots.

With the final election night report posted, measures seeking to bring a true ward voting system to Eureka and put mobile home parks located within unincorporated areas of the county under rent control have won handily. Other items of note: Humboldt voters passed school bonds everywhere but Ferndale; tax measures were successful other than Measure U, which sought to impose a countywide .5 percent sales tax to finance road repairs; and the proposed consolidation of the county Auditor-Controller's office with that of the Treasurer-Tax Collector was soundly defeated.

Scroll down to see the final election night tallies, and check out the full report here.

With the second round of local returns, it looks like measures P and V are holding strong. Scroll down for updated results, with 14.9 percent of precincts now reporting.

Taxes, bonds, true wards, rent control and more taxes — Humboldt ballots were stacked with local measures this election.

With roughly 15 percent of the vote in and zero precincts reporting, ballot measures to switch Eureka to a true ward voting system and stabilize rents in county mobile home parks are passing. Local tax measures are fairing well — save for Measure U, the countywide sales tax for transportation funding, which is currently trailing. And local school bond measures are doing well early on, with the exception of Ferndale's, which is trailing narrowly.

Here's the full rundown:

Measure H: Continuation of $59 parcel unit tax for Arcata School District
Yes: 2,798 (79%)
No: 764 (21%)

Measure I: A $3.4 million bond for Arcata Elementary School District
Yes: 2,597 (74%)
No:  913 (26%)

Measure J: A $139 million bond for Shasta-Tehama-Trinity Joint Community College District
Yes: 6 (75%)
No: 2 (25%)

Measure K: A $2.7 million bond for Jacoby Creek School District
Yes: 615 (59%)
No: 429 (41%)

Measure L: A $4.8 million bond for Ferndale Unified School District
Yes: 449 (45%)
No: 548 (55%)

Measure M: A $2 million bond for the Mattole Unified School District
Yes: 57 (73%)
No: 21 (27%)

Measure N: A $4 million bond for the South Bay Union School District
Yes: 993 (56%)
No: 782 (44%)


Measure E: An 8 year, 0.75 percent sales tax in Fortuna
Yes: 1,757 (59%)
No: 1,241 (41%)

Measure F: An 8-year extension of 3 percent utility users tax in Arcata
Yes: 2,309 (52%)
No: 2,120 (48%)

Measure G: A 5-year extension of .75 percent sales tax in Trinidad
Yes: 64 (59%)
No: 44 (41%)

Measure S: A countywide $1-$3 per square foot annual tax on commercial cannabis cultivation, based upon type of grow
Yes: 21,911 (66%)
No: 11,263 (34%)

Measure U: A countywide .5 percent sales for transportation funding
Yes: 15,363 (48%)
No: 16,907 (52%)


Measure O: Raises the cap on subsidized low-income housing in Eureka to 3% of total units within city limits
Yes: 3,245 (58%)
No: 2,378 (42%)

Measure P: Changes the election of councilmembers in Eureka to a true ward system
Yes: 3,279 (58%)
No: 2,409 (42%)

Measure T: Advisory vote in Rio Dell asking if the city should permit cannabis business within the city
Yes: 390 (55%)
No: 316 (45%)

Measure Q: Consolidation of the county Auditor-Controller's office with that of the Treasurer Tax-Collector
Yes: 13,702 (45%)
No: 16,635 (55%)

Measure R: If consolidation (Q) passes, makes finance director an elected post.
Yes: 13,221 (47%)
No: 16,065 (53%)

Measure V: Rent stabilization for mobile home parks in unincorporated areas of Humboldt County
Yes: 17,766 (55%)
No: 14,631 (45%)

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