Wheetley Feted as Arcata Council Moves Forward With Appointment


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Now former Arcata Councilmember Mark Wheetley was sent off with a standing ovation and a proclamation honoring the volunteer soccer coach’s 12 years of elected public service at his last meeting on Wednesday.

Mayor Susan Ornelas read the accolades for the soon-to-be Fortuna city manager, which described Wheetley as an “easy to work with and level-headed councilmember” who acted as a “voice for families and a champion for Arcata youth.”

He was also lauded for his “deep knowledge of everything from CEQA to recreation” and for bringing “a thoughtful approach” to meeting Arcata’s needs during his time in office.

The council also voted to proceed with the application process recommended by staff to fill the remainder of Wheetley’s term, which runs 2018.

Wheetley said he always took his role on the council very seriously and thanked his fellow councilmembers — past and present — as well as the city’s residents.

“I am very honored to have been elected to four terms by the people of Arcata,” he said.

Wheetley also offered his appreciation to city staff, saying “all the great things that happen in Arcata are on the shoulders of the great staff we have here.”

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