TL;DR: Our Favorite Quotes From This Week's Cover Story


Hey readers, we know that reading 4,500 words can be a slog for some in the fast, digital world. Even if that 4,500 words is about something as fascinating as the city of Eureka's many, varied attempts to address the entrenched homeless camp in the PalCo Marsh and the accompanying emails we obtained from public records act request, it is a long article. (Give thanks to the editors, because it used to be much longer.) But take heart, because we get you. After taking a whole year to pore through those emails, and several weeks to write the two-part series distilling them into something that would fit into our pages, we're ready for a brain break too. So we compiled some of our favorite quotes from the article into this listicle, along with some GIFs we feel capture the spirit of the exchanges.

1. "Easy turbo ..." – Eureka Police Department Chief Andrew Mills, responding to a passive-aggressive comment from Parks and Recreation director Miles Slattery about SWAP funding and EPD responsibilities.

2. "So just between you and me ..." – EPD Sgt. Mike Guy, opening an email that expressed his true feelings about the services provided to homeless people, evidently unaware of the provisions California Public Records Act.

3. "We are not interested in displacing homeless people," – Mills, responding to pressure to do just that.

4. "Welcome home Phil, to the land of put-your-tent-anywhere-and-we-couldn't care-less. I'm so pissed i can't sleep." – Councilmember Melinda Ciarabellini in an email to county DHHS Director Phil Crandall, following a contentious council meeting during which a management plan for the city's waterfront, which would have restricted personal property in the PalCo Marsh, was tabled.

5. "... I recommend we make an official city policy that the county is responsible for addressing homelessness."  – Rob Holmlund, Eureka’s community development director. His recommendation was not implemented.
5. "I find your comments to be derogatory and unnecessary. I believe I have responded with the appropriate level of maturity and consideration,and used my best judgment combined with public input and staff input, which is what I was elected to do. I have significantly more experience in leadership and public service than many people who have served on the council in the past, or even at present. I believe the allusion to my n"immaturity" and "inexperience" are ageist and utterly inaccurate. ... Henceforth, I have no intention of replying to insults."  – Councilmember Natalie Arroyo, responding to an email from a citizen accusing her of being immature and inexperienced.

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