TL;DR: So Unpopular!



Busy week? We get it. So in the event that you haven’t been able to find the time to sit down and sludge through the 2,000 words of unpopular opinions that was last week’s cover story, we’ve got you covered with a brief synopsis. We’re also taking this opportunity to — perhaps unpopularly — announce that we’ve added a few more missives to the online version of the story. Without further adieu, eight unpopular offerings from this week’s cover:

1) Humboldt County’s beloved mustard dill sauce is, in fact, a crime against salmon.

2) I don’t like Eureka.

3) Attachment parenting is a half-baked farce that will leave you exhausted with self-neglect.

4) Despite what you think, you’re probably not a Warriors fan.

5) The widespread San Francisco Giants fandom in Humboldt reflects the region’s self-loathing tendencies.

6) Being from here does not make you a better person.

7) The Sequoia Park Zoo’s memorial exhibit for Bill the Chimp has run its course and it’s time to level the thing and move on.

8) This whole unpopular opinions thing is, in fact, a terrible idea.

Read the full feature here.

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