Zooey Deschanel Really Likes Eureka


The landmark Carson Mansion. - FILE
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  • The landmark Carson Mansion.
When actor Zooey Deschanel — star of New Girl and the perennial Christmas classic Elf — was asked about a must-go travel hot spot in California during a recent interview with Travel + Leisure, her answer was short and local: Eureka.

Deschanel, according to the online piece, is teaming up with Capital One on The Purpose Project to promote meaningful travel, which falls in line with her other efforts to make the world a better place, including support for The Farm Project and The Innocence Project.

During the interview — which includes a segment on navigating the perfect road trip through the Golden State — the writer notes that Eureka “probably isn’t on too many people’s radars,” to which Deschanel quickly replied it should be.

“Oh you have to go. It’s so beautiful,” she said. “Its amazing forests and hiking and it’s absolutely magical.”

Read the full Travel + Leisure story here.

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