Superior Court to Allow Judges, Others Not to Wear Masks


Yesterday, the Humboldt County Superior Court issued a new mask policy that allows judges and “individual addressing the Court” not to wear one.

While the Court acknowledged that the Humboldt County Public Health Officer has ordered that facial coverings should be worn inside all public buildings, the court’s new order states, “However, the Administration of Justice requires clarity in court proceedings. A clear record cannot be obtained when a speaker is wearing a mask.”

The new order states that when not addressing the court, those in attendance should wear masks.

The order reiterated that the “courtrooms remain closed to the public and when courtrooms are open, the number of individuals inside the courtrooms will remain limited. Remote appearances are encouraged and court proceedings will continue to be broadcast publicly.”

Read the court's full order below:

See related PDF Administrative_Order_2020-004_05-14-2020__1_.pdf

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