Never Turn Your Back: Sneaker Waves Possible this Weekend


The Eureka office of the National Weather Service warns there is a slight to moderate threat of sneaker waves this holiday that continues through Sunday evening.

A long-period southernly swell is bringing the risk, which is more acute at steep beaches but larger waves may also wash over jetties and rock outcroppings that would normally remain dry, according to the beach hazard statement.

Read the NWS hazard statement below:
* WHAT...
A long period southerly swell will bring a threat of sneaker waves to area beaches.

* WHERE...
Coastal Del Norte, Northern Humboldt Coast, Southwestern Humboldt and Mendocino Coast Counties.

* WHEN...
Through Sunday evening.

Potential sneaker waves may create locally hazardous conditions at area beaches. Steep beaches will have a higher risk of sneaker wave activity with greater wave run-up onto beaches. Large waves will also wash over jetties and rock outcroppings that normally stay dry.

Caution should be used when in or near the water. Stay a safe distance from the water along beaches, rocks, jetties, piers, and other waterside infrastructure. Remain out of the water to avoid hazardous swimming conditions. Never turn you back to the ocean. A slight to moderate threat of sneaker waves will be possible along south-southwest facing beaches through Sunday evening. Steep beaches will have the highest risk of sneaker wave activity. Remember to never turn your back on the ocean.

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