Two Heroin Busts in Southern Humboldt


Law enforcement searching a vehicle in the Benbow area. - COURTESY OF BRITNEY HARRISON
  • Courtesy of Britney Harrison
  • Law enforcement searching a vehicle in the Benbow area.
The Humboldt County Drug Task Force pulled over two vehicles in Southern Humboldt this evening. In one, they located 6 pounds of heroin, and in the other, 2.5 pounds of heroin.

At approximately 5:10 p.m., law enforcement pulled over a silver vehicle in the area of Benbow. The trunk of the vehicle was opened and searched.

Humboldt County Sheriff's Sgt. Jesse Taylor confirmed that the Drug Task Force (DTF) stopped the vehicle, and said approximately 6 pounds of heroin were located inside.

Around the same time, the DTF stopped another vehicle, a gold four-door sedan, near the Miranda Bridge, Taylor said. In that vehicle, the task force located a large amount of narcotics.

"Roughly 2.5 pounds of heroin seized thus far," Taylor said. According to a witness, one woman was arrested at the Miranda bridge.

The Miranda bridge location has seen a number of vehicles stopped for various criminal activities. Just over a month ago, a stolen Corvette containing a ghillie suit was pulled over in the vicinity.

Taylor said the DTF would issue a press release with more details tomorrow.

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