Rio Dell Volunteer Corp Distributes PPE Supplies to Local Businesses


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The Rio Dell Volunteer Corp is distributing personal protective equipment supplies to the city's small businesses.

According to a release, the supplies were secured by the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services and the Arcata Economic Development Corporation.

The city will also be supplying businesses with bilingual placards with information regarding masking requirements.

“I want to thank Susan Seaman and AEDC for their work in organizing these supplies.” Mayor Garnes stated. “It was about this time last year that Susan and I teamed up for a little PSA about the looming Public Safety Power Shut‐off (PSPS) situation. A lot of people were completely unaware of that threat; thought that it would never happen or that they could just turn on the Humboldt Bay Power Plant and everything would be fine. That ended up hitting our communities hard, and now COVID‐19 poses yet another unprecedented threat. It’s looking more and more like a long‐term threat.”

Read the full press release below.
See related PDF 2020-07-23_Press_Release_RDVC_Distributes_PPE_Signs__1_.pdf


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