Man Medivacked From ATV Accident Southwest From Manila


Cal Fire’s Copter 102’s path on FlightRadar. - SCREENSHOT
  • Screenshot
  • Cal Fire’s Copter 102’s path on FlightRadar.
Just before 4 p.m., a man riding an ATV by himself on the ocean side of the Samoa Peninsula crashed and was injured, according to Fire Captain Specialist Tran Beyea of Cal Fire.

Samoa Fire and City Ambulance responded to the area but needed assistance.

“There was difficulty locating him,” Beyea told us. “Our helicopter was dispatched.”

Copter 102 flew to the area and found the injured man. A medic from the ground crews was then able to locate the man. Beyea said that the medic “determined the patient needed transport to Saint Joe’s.”

Copter 102 flew the patient and the medic to the hospital.

Read the full Arcata Fire District press release below.

Coordinated Rescue for Injured ATV Rider
(Manila, CA) – July 29, 2020 – Arcata Fire District was dispatched to ATV accident in Manila after receiving a 911 call for a single patient with significant injuries. CAL FIRE Copter 102, Samoa Fire District, and City Ambulance of Eureka were also dispatched to the incident. A Rescue Team made access to the patient using a 4x4 vehicle while Copter 102 arrived by air. Both resources coordinated patient care and setting up a secondary landing zone so a paramedic could be picked up.
Once the patient was loaded, Copter 102 lifted off and landed at the Manila Community Center to pick up the paramedic. The paramedic was briefed by firefighters then began Advanced Life Support as the helicopter lifted off and transported the patient to St. Joseph Hospital.
Battalion Chief Campbell reports, “This rescue went very smooth. The Fortuna Command Center sent everything we needed to make this rescue a success. Ground crews coordinated well with the helicopter and the patient was transported very quickly.”
Arcata Fire District would like to remind everyone to have an emergency plan when involved in outdoor recreation activities. Have a cell phone, first aid kit, emergency blanket, water, food, and make sure you tell someone where you are.

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