Deputies Not After Cannabis in Evacuation Zones


A false rumor picking up steam on social media alleges that Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office deputies are serving warrants on marijuana properties in the Island Mountain area where the owners have been evacuated because of the wildfire threatening Humboldt County on its southeastern border with Trinity County.

“That is not true. We do have our special services deputies in the Evacuation zones, however they are there for life protection purposes and are not serving cannabis search warrants,” HCSO spokesperson Samantha Karges, adding there are five deputies working in the area.

Lt. Shawn Sopoaga added, “We have our Special Services Division prepped and ready in southeastern Humboldt if emergency evacuations are needed. They have been doing routine patrols in the area to show law enforcement presence as a crime prevention method since most people have evacuated their homes. …We are not conducting enforcement actions and/or search warrants.”

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