Updates on Red Salmon and Slater-Devil Fires


Red Salmon Complex
  • Red Salmon Complex
Red Salmon Complex: 104,667 acres with 28 percent containment.

Firefighters continue to take advantage of favorable weather in order to secure active areas of the Red Salmon Complex fire, using firing/burn-out operations and containment line construction to control the advancement of the fire, according to this morning's update.

“We had some rain last Friday, which has slowed down our operational tempo,” Mike Strawhun, incident commander said. “It slowed us down and gave us the opportunity to engage the fire with handlines and dozers.”

Today's planned action includes holding and mopping-up control lines along Tish Tang Ridge to Box Camp to protect the Hoopa Valley Reservation, Willow Creek, Salyer, Hawkins Bar and adjacent communities. 

Weather conditions are expected to remain warm and dry with patchy smoke and temperatures in the upper 60s and 70s. While some temperatures may reach the 80s in the valleys.

More information is available on the Red Salmon Complex InciWeb page.

Slater-Devil Fires: The Slater fire is 148,677 acres with 22 percent containment. The Devil fire is 7,458 acres with 18 percent containment. The combined fires are 156,041 acres.

Fire crews are prepping the road along HWY 199 by chipping limbs and brush in the event they have to take suppression action along that road. Currently, fire along HWY 199 is being contained by control lines.

Evacuation orders remain in effect for areas that were heavily damaged in Indian Creek. There is an evacuation advisory for Seiad Valley and along the HWY 96/Klamath River corridor from Seiad to Thompson Creek.

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