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August Complex total: 1,029,110 acres and 76 percent containment

The Northeast Zone is at 270,336 acres and 60 percent containment.

Incoming winds are expected to push the fire in this section, which had relatively low activity yesterday, back into the main fire area and the potential of new spread is considered low, according to today’s update.

“Firefighters continue to engage and fortify firelines near Bear Wallow Mountain, South Fork Trinity and Beegum Creek, the update states. “Helicopters will focus water drops in Little Bear Wallow Creek west of Irish Mountain to keep fire from moving out of the drainage. Firefighters continue backhaul of equipment on the east end of the fire, approximately 10 miles south of Hwy 36.”

The Northwest Zone is at 69,957 acres and 94 percent containment.

The focus here is on mop up, patrol and preparing for a phased re-opening of this section of the fire area.

That includes clearing roadways and removing hazard trees north of Ruth Lake along Mad River Road, mopping up south of Little Round Mountain near Kettenpom after a recent burn and repair work on damage caused by fire suppression efforts.

“Operations will continue much the same today,” the update states. ”Suppression actions may be taken on small portions of unburned islands south of Little Round Mountain early in the day. Crews will continue mastication on Mad River Road, constructing dozer line nearby, and building and improving direct fireline west of Van Duzen Road.”

The West Zone is at 140,522 acres with 95 percent containment.

Crews in this sector are mopping up, removing possible heat sources and fortifying containments lines. Some areas with vegetation or other fuel sources are likely to continue to burn off and smoke may be visible in burn scars. The incident commanders are working to evaluate where evacuation orders can be lifted.

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