August Complex: Focus on Containment


US Marines help mop up hot spots on the Northeast Zone of the August Complex, - AUGUST COMPLEX INCIWEB
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  • US Marines help mop up hot spots on the Northeast Zone of the August Complex,
August Complex: 1,032,209 acres Containment: 80 percent

While there is no Red Flag Warning today, humidity levels are expected to be around 15 to 20 percent with north-northwest winds at 5 to 10 mph and the potential of 15 mph gusts in some areas.

Northwest Zone – This area saw an increase in fire activity amid high winds, low humidity and hot temperatures , with areas Bradburn Creek burning and containment lines around Coffee Pot area pressed as firefighters patrolled along the fire perimeter, “paying close attention to the Kettenpom, Zenia, and Coffee Pot areas,” the update states.

Work continues on patrolling and upgrading containment lines, removing hazards and making plans for repairs to areas with fire suppression damage. PG&E crews are working on getting the power back on.

Northeast Zone – Crews worked to connect the fire line from west of Bear Wallow Mountain into the east and south sides of the 2017 Buck Fire to box the fire. At night, firefighters hit hot spots on the perimeter.

The focus today is to continue to enhance lines near Progeny, Bear Wallow Mountain, South Fork Trinity River, Rattlesnake Creek and Beegum Creek. Winds are expected to continue pushing fire activity back into the main fire footprint.

“Firefighters will continue to secure and fortify fire lines,” the update states. “Caltrans is working on replacement and repair of guardrail, and removal of hazardous trees along State Route 36.”

The West Zone has reached 100 percent containment.

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