Red Salmon Complex: Fire Remained in Planned Containment Lines


Helicopter water bucket drops for fire suppression. - RED SALMON INCIWEB
  • Red Salmon inciweb
  • Helicopter water bucket drops for fire suppression.
Red Salmon Complex: 142,766 acres Containment: 63 percent

Fire activity increased around the South Fork Salmon River, Methodist Creek, Plummer Creek, East Fork New River and Horse Linto Creek during the Red Flag Warning period of the last two days.

Between helicopter drops and crews using firehose on hot spots, the fire stayed within the planned containment lines, according to today’s update. remained within planned containment lines. There is no rain in the immediate forecast and warm temps, low humidity and some winds continue but, with an increase in humidity, fire activity is expected to be moderate.

The focus for today is monitoring containment lines on the western flank as patrols and mop ups happen along the Salmon River in the northeast to keep the fire on the south side of river. Over on the southeast, work is being done to keep the fire to the east of Miller Ranch and west of the East Fork New River.

“Structure defense crews continue to evaluate needs for structure defense systems in Denny, Miller Ranch, Cecilville, Forks of the Salmon, Godfrey, Blue Ridge, and Black Bear and are beginning to remove systems where the fire is contained,” the update stats.

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