Updates: Progress on Red Salmon, Slater Fires


Red Salmon Complex: 143,300 acres Containment: 72 percent

With containment increasing, firefighters are pivoting from suppression to repair work and the task of recollecting equipment to take back to camp, including miles of hose, water pumps, and portable water tanks, according to today’s update.

Areas in the South Fork of the Salmon River, Methodist Creek, Plummer Creek, and the East Fork of the New River continued to see some fire activity, which was observed moving toward Plummer Creek to where it meets the Salmon River. Today, crews are slated to continue watching lines along Plummer Creek while suppression efforts continue near Salmon Ridge and Fawn Ridge. Suppression repair work is being conducted in areas of containment.

Fire managers continue to remind the public that the Red Salmon Complex is a restricted flight zone after a drone flown over the fire area on Oct. 17 interfered with firefighting efforts.

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Slater Fire: 156,645 acres Containment: 82 percent

Crews found “very little heat” near the fire lines on the northern side, which air support is being used on the south side to watch containment lines there, especially in the Swan Mountain area, according to today’s report.

No fire movement was noted in the Chicago Creek drainage (east of Sanger Peak). Meanwhile, repair work in containment areas continues to the north and south as crews patrol for hot spots and mop up. The removal of hazards, including damaged trees, is ongoing along Grayback Road and is considered a priority.

Devil Fire: 8,885 acres Containment: 60 percent

The fire area continues to be monitored by aerial flights and ground patrols.

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