Dangerous Surf Conditions Continue this Week


Waves breaking over the North Jetty last week. - MARK MCKENNA
  • Mark McKenna
  • Waves breaking over the North Jetty last week.
Another round of dangerous surf is heading to the coast Tuesday and Wednesday, prompting the Eureka office of the National Weather Service to issue a high surf advisory.

The long period swell is expected to produce 20- to 25-foot breaking waves, creating hazardous conditions on local beaches, rocks and jetties. The advisory is in effect from 3 p.m. Tuesday to 9 a.m. Wednesday.

“These large waves can be erratic and unpredictable. Use extra caution near the surf zone as these large waves will be capable of sweeping people into the frigid and turbulent ocean water,” the advisory states. “Mariners traversing the bar are urged to exercise extreme caution or stay in port until the threat subsides. Please contact the U.S. Coast Guard for information regarding harbor and bar closures.”

A 65-year-old woman and her son were swept off the North Jetty as waves upward of 28-feet pounded the coast. He was able to cling to rocks and survive but Mary Malouf, a well-known magazine editor from Salt Lake City, died after being pulled from the surf about an hour later.

Meanwhile, astronomically high tides known as king tides will continue through Tuesday, coming higher up local beaches and flooding low-lying areas, such as King Salmon and portions of the Arcata Bottom.

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