Large Tree Fire Closes Wilder Ridge Road (with Video)


A large tree flared into a tower of flame last night on Wilder Ridge Road about two miles north of Ettersburg last night for reasons not yet determined. According to Humboldt County Public Works, the road was closed at 2:30 this morning.

Peter Lawsky, Chief of Telegraph Ridge Fire who provided the video, said, “About 10 o’clock Monday night Telegraph Ridge fire department and Cal fire Responded to an old growth Douglas fir tree on fire about 2 miles north of Ettersburg on the Wilder Ridge Road.”
He explained the fire is so high off the ground that it can’t be extinguished at this time.

This morning, Battalion Chief Paul Savona, spokesperson for Cal Fire reassured the community, “We do have resources that will be out there soon…[and] we will be evaluating safe methods to extinguish the fire.”

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