Humboldt GOP and DCC Jointly Denounce the Violence at the Capitol


The Humboldt County Republican Central Committee and the Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee has released a joint statement denouncing the fatal riots at the Capitol last week, calling on the community to stand with them against using violence as a form of protest.

"These are extremely difficult and trying times. People fear COVID infection, job loss, business closure, and the stressful uncertainty of a nation pulling itself apart at the seams," the release reads. 

The statement calls for a peaceful transition of power on Jan. 20, when Joe Biden is sworn in as president, saying it is the local chairs “hope and prayer” that Republicans and Democrats “can work together by supporting our long standing traditions of democracy and peaceful expressions of freedom of speech while strongly denouncing violence and destruction of property.

“Humboldt County is a special place and together we hope to be an example to the rest of our state on how we can coexist and even work together,” the statement reads. “As tensions continue to run high, we retain our faith in our democratic system of government. Our faith abides in the voters, election officers and governors (Republican as well as Democrat), who certified election results in every state.”

The statement also states that both Humboldt GOP and Humboldt DCC have been the victims of vandalism and destruction of property "at the hands of individuals who have decided to use unlawful actions to make a point ... ."

Multiple times in the recent years, the Humboldt GOP headquarters has been vandalized and, most recently, the Humboldt DCC office was hit. 

"It is time for each of us to reflect on the growing division between reasonable neighbors in our community and to ask ourselves, 'What kind of a nation do we want to live in?'" the joint statement reads.

Read the full press release below.  See related PDF GOP___HCDCC_Press_Release.pdf

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