Scenes from Inauguration Day


North Coast Rep. Jared Huffman shared some photos from today’s inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, calling it a “very special day.”

“As President Biden said today, if enough Americans join us in a spirit of unity, truth, and decency, we can move the entire nation forward.  I think we can do it,” Huffman said in a Facebook post.

In a separate message, Huffman noted he was honored to attend the historic ceremony, saying the day “marks the end of the disastrous Trump presidency, and the beginning of a new and more hopeful chapter for our nation.”

“We now have a huge amount of work to do,” he wrote. “But with President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris in office and a Democratic majority controlling the Senate and the House, I know we will bring clarity, accountability and competency to the imperative of defeating the COVID pandemic and rebuilding our broken economy; we will work to heal this divided nation, restore confidence in our institutions, and tackle the climate crisis with the urgency it requires. We will value facts, science, and decency.”

Watch more of the festivities from an inauguration like no other in history below.

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