Rain to Cause Rising Rivers; Localized Flooding, Slides Possible


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One storm down and three more to go.

 Humboldt County is expected to be rainy through the weekend with the heaviest of the events arriving on Sunday, according to the Eureka office of the National Weather Service.

There is also a wind advisory for today, with southerly wind gusts up to 45 to 55 mph expected one mountain passes and coastal headlands, which the NWS cautions could  make driving difficult, especially for high profile vehicles.

All the incoming rain will mean rising rivers.

“Several rounds of heavy rain will cause rivers across northwest California to rise anywhere from 1 foot to 5 feet during Friday, the NWS states. “Secure any objects that might be swept downstream by rising river waters.”

The next storm is expected to hit today, with the heaviest rain coming at night before tapering off during Friday until another hits that night and continue into Saturday.

“The wettest storm is expected to arrive on Sunday, with heavy rain and possible strong winds into Sunday night,” the NWS reports. “Localized flooding and rock and/or mud slides will be possible as we head into the latter portion of the weekend and early next week.”

For details on your location visit www.weather.gov/eka.


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