'Kevin' the Baby Seal Has a Name and New Home, For Now


"Kevin" the seal is being rehabilitated at the North Coast Marine Mammal Center. - EUREKA POLICE DEPARTMENT
  • Eureka Police Department
  • "Kevin" the seal is being rehabilitated at the North Coast Marine Mammal Center.
The baby seal rescued by Eureka Police Department officers who responded to a report of a couple taking the pup from near the Samoa Bridge, putting it into an aquarium and driving away has a new name: Kevin.

The young one is under the care of the Northcoast Marine Mammal Center, which reports the nonprofit "will raise him until he is old enough and eating fish on his own and then he will be released back into the wild."

Kevin's rehabilitation can be followed on the center's Facebook page.

In a Tuesday Facebook post, the center emphasized that "this, folks, is why you do NOT touch seal pups!!" and if a person is concerned that an animal is hurt or abandoned, they can call the center's stranding line at (707) 951-4722.

Marine mammals, like seal pups, whales and dolphins, are federally protected, with touching or harassing one punishable by fines of up to $10,000 and jail time. During pupping season, mothers will often leave the baby seals on the beach while feeding but know exactly where to find them, the FB post states. However, having dogs off leash or standing too close to a pup will stop the mothers from returning.

Whatever the motivation, the people who took Kevin away from the place where his mother left him in safety has separated a wildlife family.

"We now have a perfectly healthy pup who is orphaned and in our care, that should still be out in the wild with mom," the center's states.

To find out more about the Northcoast Marine Mammal Center and how to help fund the rescue and rehabilitation of animals like Kevin, visit the nonprofits website by clicking here

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