Johnson, Mobley and Conley Win in Fortuna



In the final Election Night report, Fortuna voters' preferences were clear.

From a field of five candidates vying for three open seats on the city council, voters pushed incumbent Mike Johnson and challengers Kyle Conley and Christina "Kris" Mobley to victory. Johnson finished with 26 percent of the vote, followed by Mobley's 24 percent and Conley's 22 percent.

Challengers Arlene Spiers and Henry Wotherspoon trailed distantly, with 16 percent and 11 percent of the vote, respectively.

Thousands of votes remain uncounted countywide, but we believe the leads amassed in Fortuna's council race are insurmountable.

In a packed race with five candidates vying for three open seats on the Fortuna City Council, incumbent Mike Johnson, and new faces Christina "Kris" Mobley and Kyle Conley have taken an early lead.

The first election night return — comprised entirely of early votes and vote by mail ballots that arrived at the Election's Office prior to today — has Johnson taking the lead with 25.73 percent of the vote, followed by Mobley with 23.35 percent, Conley with 21.80 percent, Arlene Spiers with 19.36 percent and Henry Wotherspoon, the youngest candidate at 23 years old, has 9.76 percent.

A total of 1,803 votes have been counted so far.

Three seats are up for election in The Friendly City as Fortuna Mayor Sue Long, and Councilmembers Jeremy Stanfield and Mike Johnson’s council terms end. Long and Stanfield won’t be running for reelection but Johnson is.

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