Latest Election Results: Cervantes Takes the Win, Earth Flag Appears Ready to Fly High


With around 1,000 or so ballots left to count, the Humboldt County Elections Office released its third post-election report today that pretty much cements races across the county.

With no real changes  overall,  the two big flips — the Ward 3 seat on the Eureka City Council and the Earth flag measure in Arcata — continued the course of last week's results.

Meanwhile Juan Pablo Cervantes, ahead by 4,800 votes, maintained his lead over Tiffany Hunt Nielsen and is now slated to become Humboldt County's next clerk/recorder/registrar of voters with a solid 56.1 percent of the vote.

Over in the Third Ward, G. Mario Fernandez kept his momentum after pulling ahead of John Fullerton last week, taking 53 percent of the vote. The two are separated by 118 votes.

In Arcata, Meredith Matthews and Kimberley White, who have overwhelmingly dominated the race for two open seats in a field of six candidates, will take their place at the dais Dec. 15 to form the city's first ever all-woman city council after taking 35 percent and 34 percent of the vote, respectively.

Also in Arcata, voters look to have given the nod to placing the Earth flag atop city owned flagpoles, with Measure M keeping its slight 51 percent lead.

This latest round brings voter turnout to 55 percent of those registered. To find all of the results click here.

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