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Autumn's Eve at Sandy Bar




I see why the Karuk created here
Earth's air, water's fire, soil's wind, ash's rain
All their materials readily near
While Klamath curates floods in her veins

Earth's soil, air's wind, fire's ashes, water's rain
Minerals form, fall, flow rock over rock
While Klamath recalls floods forming her veins
And geese honk on high flock after flock

Minerals drip-drop-roll rock over rock
Steelhead crest the current head over tail
Geese honk ever higher flock after flock
And herons croak with grandpa-like yells

Steelhead dive down and deep head under tail
Red-Tails flicker aloft riding thermals
Blue Herons creak-croak their grandpa-like yells
And Blue-Bellies hide shine like uncut jewels

Red-Tails fan, flare, flame their own thermals
Otters slither and slink like oil in ink
Blue-Bellies shine shyly like uncut jewels
Burrowed skunks dream dreams of life without stink

Otters dither and sink like writers and ink
Tree-frogs give voice to a thousand-strong choir
Skunks slowly emerge, tails threatening stink
Vultures hover as deathly reminders

Crickets add frogs to their million-strong choir
Acorns pitter-patter upon dry leaves
Vultures roost near as deathly reminders
And doves playact owls as they falsely grieve

An acorn tumbles and crumbles a leaf
Which Zephyr sweeps away under moonlight
The doves mourn the day with genuine grief
As black and white oaks are greyscaled by night

Zephyr gently sings to sleep the moonlight
Ponderosas ponder the coming day
Madrones gain color with dwindling night
The only star left is a Steller's Jay

As I ponder the river this fall day
I see why the Karuk created here
Manzanita, Chinook, Black Bear, Scrub Jay
All their materials readily near

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