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Close to the End



I would like to think that it would be no different
If you were really here with me
Sharing the last of this red wine
Our after dinner faces on
And the long evening hours stretched out lazily in the corner

You would listen
Just so
Chin in hand
Eyes bright in the candlelight
That knowing smile drawn on your face

I would lean back in my chair
And slowly rewind the newsreel adventure that was my day
Fast forwarding though the commercials
Pausing to narrate the highlights
Making sure you took in all the good stuff

And when at last only the credits remain
The echo of my words would bring me back here
Up close with this moment
This Truth
And rising
I would slowly blow out each candle
And softly close the door on this room in my heart
So filled to the rafters with everything that is you.

Susan John Ostheim

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