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Fun Fungi



When hiking on a forest trail
if duff is wet, and light is pale,
late fall and winter, early spring,
then comes the fruit that fungi bring.

They pop from snags and fallen trees
through dung and duff, new forms are teased,
and inside each, protected there
grow spores that someday take to air.

Some look like Turkey tails and Rabbit's ears,
or Lion's mane hung chandeliers,
Pink-pimple crusts, or Witch's jelly,
Earth fans, rotten-cabbage-smelly.

Black velvet tongues and Eyelash cups
or Bleeding blue tooth may erupt.
Capped mushroom shapes, you'll find them, too,
so many kinds make their debut,
just watch for oddballs interspersed,
for fungi's kingdom is diverse.

Mary Thibodeaux Lentz

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