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Happy New Year


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New years come and go
We creatures of habit mark them,
Celebrate the end of the old
And beginning of the new

Reminisce with grins and grimaces
At what has passed
And look to the next day to usher in
A new life with the new dawn.

But what it ushers in
Is just the next day,
followed by another,
And prologue is past.

Fate may be in the works.
Destiny may shadow our minds
But we determine our direction,
Desire guides our determination.

Our plots are not from Verdi and Puccini
The scenes are not drawn on January 1.
The songs in our hearts
Are born as we breathe.

January 2 follows January 1
February follows January
Spring follows winter
And summer follows spring.

The magic of our new year
Does not spring from the calendar
But from the desire that grows
Out of our continual nurturing.

And here we are
One year later
In the same country
In the same time zone

But still apart
While being together
Our love is strong
Our togetherness survives

Apart yet we are close
The miles are shorter
And the hearts do not touch
But warmth reaches us, encloses us.

You are my love
You were not on New Year's Eve last
You will be on New Year's Eve next
This I believe, because we will want it.
Happy New Year, My love.

By Dave Rosso


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