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In Praise of Tiny Tomatoes



Resting on my kitchen counter
Lies a nest of ruby red tiny tomatoes
Each complete in its skin
Their size this summer out-selling the more robust ones.
All the markets' approval
Have been summed up
(More than likely by Google)
The first summer of its kind to revel in the winning cup.
A fruit thus previously a minor commodity
Is tasty, a society!
Their oblong bodies huddled against
The interstices of their plastic boxes
Are said to last outside favorably
(No blemishes).
No obligation for refrigeration.
In fact cool may harm their circulation.
You can count on them, halve them, have them!

You can choose this small red seeded food not for pleasure,
But as distraction,
Or antidote to all Red Tape (the real matter),
All the vices and disguises which obfuscate
The vast and intricate
Impossible layers of bureaucracy it takes
To realize a tiny house.

Besides, what's wrong with socialism?

—Susan Pence

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