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Life Coaching from an Ancient Redwood




Seek light.

Never stop.

Welcome winter rain and summer fog.

Don't let little nuisances bore under your bark.

Work to increase your heartwood year by year.

Strive upward.

Spread and entwine your roots with those of your peers.

Cling fast to each other in storms.

Even in old age, you can sprout new roots.

Keep growing.

Don't hold onto your duff. Let the wind carry it away.

Don't fear the buffeting wind. Ride the surf.

Fires and floods are momentary.

Growth is necessary.

Outlast obstacles blocking your sun.

Offer hospitality to other life forms when you can.

Remember, reiterations grow from lightning scars.

Grow uniquely yourself.

Mark each day's morning light and evening twilight.

You may never appreciate the good you do.

You will change more than you can imagine.

Never stop.

Seek light.


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