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The Time of Hearth and Home



The last of the apples
hang from storm-lashed limbs
the mints are little more than
desiccated sticks
while an Anna's Hummingbird drinks
from yonder grevillea

A vine maple's glowing embers
are beginning to subside
musky scent of mushrooms
pervades their forest lair
birds flit and flutter
in glistening hedgerow

Scarlet blueberry leaves remind us
of the bounty in the freezer
Yule lights on the tree
mimic swirling flames
in the stove
upon the hearth

Violin, accordion and uilleann pipes
speak to me
whispers from departed elders
circle of life
 in from field and forest
 to the warmth
 of hearth and home

Tom Leskiw

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