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What if we boycott the 4th?



Because why have imitation bomb noise
In a world where bombs and land mines destroy lives daily?
Because basic rights for women have been cancelled
And Queer rights are next.
Because billionaires play with rockets
While poor people sleep in cars
And even the professional class can lose everything to a hospital bill.

What if we boycott the 4th?
And let our wildlife, livestock, and pets not be panicked,
Afterall, they have another stress filled smoky summer of wildfires to look forward to
because our politicians have not acted on climate change.

What if we boycott the 4th?
Until we finally guarantee freedom, justice and equality for all
And are governed with the consent of the people
And that pursuit of happiness- do we look happy to you?
With weekly reports of mass shootings, police brutality
And domestic violence?
Do not enough guns go off daily that we need fireworks
Now that most of us have PTSD from daily life?

Boycott the 4th, not to disrespect the founders and the framers,
But to remember that the American Revolution was not a war
But a foggy vision
That has gained clarity over the decades
Of just how free and truly great we could aspire to be
If we were brave
If we were free.

Marcia Hope Wolhandler

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