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A Simple Box



Really quite easy;
Four and a half inches by Six and a half
By Eight and a half.

Could hide $50,000 in hundreds,
Jewelry, deeds, promises never honored
and buried in the backyard.
Archeologists would signify its history.

A box to hold a cremated man
From 250 pounds to one hundred pounds.
Because fat burns off and what's left
are just ashes, like marshmallows in summer.

Hopes, desires, needs, wants
And dreams of what could have been,
All ashes.

A simple box made of virgin redwood,
Milled from a ranch once hunted.
To last 300 hundred years in wet soil,
before blending with the earth.
As if the soul needed pondering before release.

Longer than people will remember,
Than people will care.

Corrugated cardboard more spiritually
Kinder and expedient.
But lacking craftsmanship of human purpose.

The same exploitive purpose of seas,
Of air and the water we drink.

A simple box that holds
Nothing than dotting the period of a life
That strived to be authentic.

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