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This week, North Coasters are invited to year two of the rebranded Humboldt Made Fair -- formerly the Redwood Acres Fair. The four day event (Thursday, June 21 through Sunday, June 24) will again take on the daunting, self-imposed task of trying to pull together all the non-weedy aspects of Humboldt livin'. An abundance of local products, foods and performers will be celebrated, along with standard fair fair (i.e. carnival midway rides, live stock shows and must-have cotton candy.)

But each day of the fair also contains unique special events, and we like special things the most (mainly due to the specialness). Thus:

THURSDAY: As with every day of the fair, gates open at 10 a.m., but Thursday's added value comes from the fact that admission is free until 3 p.m. (for the rest of the week it's $10/$5 for kids 6-12 and seniors over 60. The littlest ones get a free ride all week.) At 6 p.m. that night, two-wheel enthusiasts can enjoy a BMX Bike Show to inspire young daredevils/scare parents.

FRIDAY: You know what's easier than tromping through the jungle with a pair of binoculars to try and catch a far-off, fleeting glimpse of a colorful macaw? Sitting on some bleachers with a corn dog in one hand and a dollar bill in the either while one flies at you. The exotic bird show starts at 4 p.m., folks.

How hard is it to get a bevy of screaming young girls together these days? Can someone assemble that? Friday night entertainment is highlighted at 9:30 p.m. by local teen alt. rock heartthrobs The 51 Cards. Not one of the member's Facebook pages I crept around on indicate girlfriends. So, go get 'em, ladies.

SATURDAY: If you didn't get enough Kineticness over Memorial Day weekend, you'll want to head over to the Redwood Acres Raceway at 2:06 p.m. for the Kinetic 500, thrown together by the Humboldt Kinetic Association -- the Justin Hobart Brown-led branch of the local kinetic universe. Unlike the multi-terrain, three day slog that is the "Kinetic Grand Championship," this "Kinetic Sculpture Race" is "mono-terrain" -- we're only dealing with race track pavement here -- and has no tolerance for pesky right turns. So there.

As the sun goes down, the fairgrounds will morph into Mardi Gras-ish spectacle courtesy of Elemental, an outdoor spectacle put together by Playhouse Arts, Synapsis, Nightshade Serenade and members of Bandamonium. You want giant puppets? You got it? Amazing aerial feats? Deal. Eye-demanding fire performers? They'll be burnin' for ya.

SUNDAY: If you were trying to decide which day to wear your cowboy hat to the fair … the week ends in the Chabot Arena with the traditional Exceptional Rodeo for special needs kids at 10:30 a.m. and a equestrian performance by the Redwood Coast Jumpers at 1:30 p.m. Yeehaw, as it were.

For a complete schedule to this year's fair events, well, we had a real nice one in last week's Journal -- geez, why didn't you save that? Sigh. OK, I guess you'll have to roll on over to They're nice too.


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