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Discover The Absence of Warmth



At its best, Eureka's Discovery Museum exists to challenge kids' minds through creative play and interactive exhibits. As its website states, the Old Town kid magnet is in the business of "fostering a passion for exploration and learning." That's nice.

But it's not all about the kids! This weekend, the museum will assist a group of brave/dumb local adults in their own "exploration and learning" attempts. In fact, if any of you are reading this, let's just start the lesson now. Here's some vocab to get you started:

hy·po·ther·mi·a: An abnormally low body temperature, often caused by prolonged exposure to cold.

mas·och·ism: A willingness or tendency to subject oneself to unpleasant or trying experiences.

That’s right, gravity fans! This Saturday, March 9, sees the return of the Perilous Plunge, the Discovery Museum’s biggest fundraiser of the year. Starting at 10 a.m., plungers will march from the museum toward the Boardwalk and then generously, one by one, fling themselves off the pier at the foot of F Street into the temperature-challenged waters of Humboldt Bay. (Hopefully they gathered some pledges beforehand.)

If you’ve attended the Plunge in years past, you’re aware that the prime viewing areas fill pretty quickly. This year you have another option: the museum is offering what it calls a “Super Happy Fun Pass” which -- for $125/$200 per couple -- grants you passage aboard the Madaket, a clear view of the foolishness, the chance to be an honorary judge, and all the mimosas and bloody marys you can drink. (The SHFP also gets you into the Beach Party the night before in the museum.)

Get wet, HumCo. For more information on the Perilous Plunge and the Discovery Museum programs it helps support, jump on over to


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