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Foot Worship



It's been a pretty good year for Mr. Foot. With the recent success of Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot, several feature films reported to be in production and another sighting video going viral -- this one from Bigfoot-drenched Ohio -- your favorite cryptoid's profile has arguably never been higher. 

And where is this guy so we can congratulate him? Even with Bigfoot business bustling, the elusive beast remains just out of reach. But that's the game, right? The day Christ returns the Jesus fish coffee mug industry is toast. Same with our (more) hairy friend. And we'll note that there is no show named Found Bigfoot, so business is appears to be safe.

To celebrate another year of not being real found, why not head on up to Willow Creek -- the Roswell of Bigfoot culture -- for its annual Bigfoot Days event on Saturday, Sept. 1. Bigfoot worship begins bright and early at 9 a.m. with Bloody Marys at The Forks bar, which will get you in the mood for the annual parade through downtown. The party moves to Veteran's Park for an entire day of festivities: logging competitions, petting zoo, horseshoe tourney, lawn mower race, watersides and various bigfoot-themed retail and food booths. Roar. 

Saturday night at the VFW hall, humans can utilize their puny little feet to boogie down to the sounds of Taxi starting at 7 p.m. Will Bigfoot show up? Cross your toes.


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