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Kick it, four eyes!


  • Photo courtesy of Six Rivers Planned Parenthood
  • Can I Kick It?

Ah, kickball: that beloved, classic grade school game. Miss it? Sure you do! Well, here's a good idea: Lace up your sneakers and head over to the Arcata Community Center at noon this Sunday to boot that little rubber ball coming at you with a small dust cloud behind it. Kick it as far as you can.

The nice thing is, at the Six Rivers Planned Parenthood second annual Can I Kick It? kickball tournament you can feel good about yourself -- unlike your humiliating 5th grade gym class where you waited forever to be picked.

Almost 20 teams signed up for the event last year and raised about $9,000 dollars - that's enough money to pay for 900 pregnancy tests or 60 annual exams or 30,000 condoms, says Six Rivers Planned Parenthood youth engagement advocate Chelsea Barto. Try to wrap your head around those numbers.

Not to boast, but the Journal's own Ryan Burns put together a team last year and raised more money than any other squad in the tournament. It earned his teammates a pizza party. Someone should give him and his Superfantasticos a run for their money.

If you're reading this and you want to play, hurry up and call Six Rivers Planned Parenthood at 707-442-2961 ext. 243. The deadline is technically Wednesday, but organizers might be willing to stretch it for the good cause. All you need is seven of your friends, and each member is asked to raise at least $35 on their own. In the event that you despise kickball (what the hell is wrong with you?) or find yourself in crutches, you can always go to the nonprofit's website and donate directly.


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