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Lunch for One


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Alone at Chili's
Lunch in the intertidal region, a table in the bar
Men in camo ball caps pick at Buffalo wing salads and wolf Coors
We'll tell our wives the truth: salad for lunch
Marla, the bartender, has chosen the music
She's piping in Billy Joel today,Uptown Girl
Marla's your basic brick shithouse
Her hair an unapologetic peroxide blonde
She must have been something back in '85
I'm flipping through Today's Senior magazine
I'm bored, and it's all they have
Ads for RV's, casinos and the Elder Law Center
Xarelto, bingo, skilled nursing
Portable oxygen and walk-in tubs
I'm reading this shit way early, I tell myself
I'm in the goddamn prime of life
Billy belts out You May Be Right
And Only the Good Die Young


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