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Pathetic Fallacy



Admit it:
who hasn't once wept on a rainy evening
              as the teary sky let itself down into darkness?
Who hasn't felt the blues while noticing how the wind-worn cypress
              along this particular path bends in sympathy?

Yes, it may well be that it's the vehicle of hacks,
a rumbling Cadillac lurching across the desert to Vegas with the rag top down
a girl beside you laughing at your bad jokes, your stale lines,
All the while assuring you that tonight
Lady Luck is riding with you.
How could you not,
when the first wishing star is gleaming in a cobalt sky?
when there's more beer on ice,
and the big money is waiting?

Still, even cliché
keenly noticed
can sometime emerge as genius.
Don't we, after all, celebrate the elegant flourish,
              born of so little,
crafted out of what we ourselves have so often overlooked:
the sun blazing in his fury merely from our inspiration,
the very earth thundering with the sound of our steps?

* The pathetic fallacy is the description of inanimate natural objects in a manner that endows them with human feelings, thoughts and sensations.

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