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Rise, Bronzes, Rise!



After 19 long years a-moldering in the rubble of an earthquake-collapsed foundry in Ferndale, bronze sculptures by artist Jack Mays have been pulled back into the light.

Mays and the creative folks from Minds' Eye Manufactory, a group of "makers" and artists, excavated the art works recently. The sculptures will be featured in the exhibit "Jack Mays -- The Foundry Years," opening this Friday with a reception at MakerSpace inside the historic Hart Building -- the late Hobart Brown's old digs -- in Ferndale. Some of Mays' works from private collections also will be exhibited, but only on opening night.

Why did Mays wait so danged long to fetch his art from devastation's death-grip? Says the press for the event: "In the ‘92 earthquake Jack's foundry in Ferndale was severely damaged, and the ever-evolving artist simply walked away to embark on a pen-and-ink art journey."

So there ya go. The earth spoke and Mays said, yeah, whatever, see ya; there are 400 or so future drawings awaiting execution, thanks.

Friday's reception also will be an unveiling of the new MakerSpace, which according to the Mind's Eye founders will be "part multi-materials workshop and part science laboratory; a melding of old-time boatshop and cutting-edge proto-typing shop ... a fun and fantastic school where imaginations can flourish, as well as a community workspace where anyone can have access to all of the tools and guidance needed to manifest his or her most creative ideas."

Doors open at 6 p.m. this Friday, Nov. 18, at the 1896 Hart Building, 393 Main St. in Ferndale.

Studios nearby will join in the opening-night fun: historic ship-model crafter Andy Doerner, fired-earth sculptors and painters Bruce and Lois Keller, and painter Shawn Griggs, all at Red Eye Laboratories.

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-- Heidi Walters


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