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Riverbank Music



As I lay down by the river
half shade
listening ...
I cant help but think of them

they started as seeds dropped in warm sand
by their mothers
sprouts of willows and alders
roots drawing strength
from a slice of big mountain
broken down to granules
by the mighty river

they seem confident now,
relaxed on the dry bank
grown ...
winter waters

packed so dense
their limbs touch and
press with just the right firmness
to be in natures tune
ready for their conductors breath

And I must be in natures tune as well
to hear such music
and today
I am

with their boughs rosined
they are ready for their great performance

The wind blows
their leaves rustle
and the limbs squeak and squeal
like an out of tune violin
everything working now
in perfect harmony
the wind
the birds
the babbling
voices of the river
as if angels and demons
have came together to play
a symphony just for me

I close my eyes
and enjoy the show

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