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September Humboldt Happenings



BAT N' ROUGE - Baseball has been played professionally under modern rules in the United States since the founding of the New York Knickerbockers back in 1845. Since then, infinite boring strikes have been called, countless ho-hum home runs have been batted in.


But those interested in seeing a revolution in the way the national pastime is played are in luck. For once again, the Eureka Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Queer Humboldt and the Humboldt Trails Council are teaming up to bring you Bat N' Rouge -- a comedic, drag softball-ish fundraiser benefitting the Arcata Ridge Trail Project -- taking place Friday, Sept. 9 at the Arcata Ball Park.

Attendees will endure local dragged-out male notables competing in a game that doesn't really count, while also being entertained by the fabulous team of Pom Pom Queens. Expect much grabass… for a good cause.

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STORYTELLING FESTIVAL BY THE SEA - Remember when you were a youngster and your parents would sit bedside and tell you stories to put you to sleep. Yeah, you know why those stories put you to sleep? Because your parents were storytelling amateurs.

If you'd like the opportunity to stay awake while ripping good yarns are spun before you by professionals, you might want to take the scenic drive to Trinidad for the 12th Annual Storytelling Festival by the Sea taking place Friday night, Sept. 9 and all day Saturday, Sept. 10.

The event features a storyteller stew highlighted by master storyteller MaryGay Ducey and including Dan O'Gara, Ross Mackinney, Liz Lara O'Rourke, Ali Freedlund, Ross Mackinney, Nancy McQuillan and Seabury Gould to name a few.

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HUMBOLDT PRIDE PARADE AND FESTIVAL - September will once again be the most outstanding month on the calendar.

That's because it's once again time for the annual Humboldt Pride Parade and Festival taking place this year on Sept. 10 from noon to 5 p.m. on Eureka's waterfront at Halvorsen Park. If you can believe it, Humboldt County has been "proud" for 19 years now. This year's theme is "Do Ask. Do Tell. A Call to Action." So, do be there.

As in years past, the event kicks off with a raucous parade through Eureka's Old Town -- floats, clowns, acrobats, you know, all things fabulous -- and will feature local music, food, dancing raffles and vendor booths in the park.

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CHICKEN WING FEST - Rejoice, carnivores! You're opportunity to mouth-polish bones clean is right around the corner.

That's because Businesses Against Meth Use (BAMU) is again staging its annual Chicken Wing Fest on Sept. 10, 2011 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Eureka's Boardwalk. If you're tongue is a bit on the reckless side, you'll feel right at home putting these radioactive poultry parts in your face.

Don't overdo it though. You'll want to be light on your feet for the toe-tap-inducing sounds of The Delta Nationals.

Raise awareness about the dangers of meth use. Brave the dangers of fiery chicken wings. One day. Nice.

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- Corresponding with the Autumn Equinox, it's the return of the Annual North Country Fair taking place this year on the Arcata Plaza on Sept. 17 and 18. If you've been looking for an opportunity to really feeeeel Humboldt-y, well, don't blow this.

Now in it's 38th year, the two-day celebration features nearly 200 craft, food and information booths, two parades and three stages of continuous local entertainment. Saturday's proceedings are highlighted by the Samba Parade around the Plaza led by Samba D'Allegria. Sunday's main event is the uninhibited All-Species Parade featuring no-shortage of costumed craziness.

The weekend is also a great showcase for local artisans -- there'll be plenty of pottery, jewelry, clothing, sculpture, garden décor and weavings -- why, you could get your Christmas shopping finished in September, slackers!

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