God bless you?
Dainty and small
After every sneeze I want to yell
I am not my sneeze!
Petite and feminine
Every time I sneeze
I have to explain it away
Got to prove that
I am not my sneeze
Once this man
He complimented me on my sneeze
Said it was how a woman's 'should be'
Thank you?
I didn't really know what to say
He told me his mom's sneeze was like a train
The woman who bore him
Had an offensive sneeze
I am not my sneeze
My sneeze is not the spokeswoman
For women everywhere
I don't sneeze for all womankind
It just pops out
I have even tried to sneeze bigger and louder
Tried to project the power of my sneeze
To let people know not to mess
With me and my sneeze
It didn't work as well as I hoped
In fact, it got a bit messy
Only planned sneezes could be executed with force
Surprises still snuck up on me
Cute and tiny
Let me just reiterate
I am not my sneeze

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