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Vista Point



1. Vista Point

The bluff leans out to the sea

like a pregnant belly.

Windswept willows, sculpted,

cling to the edge.

The soft dark carpet of yesterday

sponges beneath my foot,

greens with forgetfulness

awakened by the warmth of spring.

Clam Beach sprawls, linen soft,

stretches beyond Little River.

Sea stacks, cormorant rookery,

witness tantrums of wind and water.

A crab boat bobs beyond the breakers.

Fishermen harvest a Dungeness feast,

toss bait to gulls wild on the wing.

Children chase plovers in the foam.

This is a day to count gray whales.

2. Pacific Overlook

Bluff leans out,

windswept willows

cling to the edge.

A dark carpet

sponges beneath my foot,

greens as spring beckons.

Clam Beach sprawls,

soft linen,

beyond the river.

Seastacks witness

a tantrum

of wind and water.

A crab boat bobs,

gulls wheel in the wind,

children chase plovers.

I count gray whales.

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