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You Live Here. Run.



When people are all, "You live in Humboldt? Why?" you know how you go into your spiel about our majestic, rocky coastline and big ol' trees -- "nature," essentially. We got really good nature, you assert.

Yeah, haven't been spending that much time out in it, have you? It's cold, it's wet. We get it. But this is what you signed up for, and we're comin' up on our first annual outdoorsy event of the new year. So buck up, kiddo.

'Tis time for the annual Trinidad to Clam Beach Run coming this Saturday, Feb. 2, bright and early at frigid 8 a.m. (Do it!) This year and for the future, the run has taken on a lengthier official title. The new, mouth-filling "Trinidad to Clam Beach Honoring Ford Hess Run" moniker honors the event's founder, who passed away this past April. The route used today had been used by Hess and HSU track and field runners as a practice track before he officially started the run over 40 years ago. Family members recall "when bib numbers were made from scrap cloth pieces he had around his house."

While the "race" certainly has competitive aspects, according to event organizer Dori Fulk the day more importantly promotes healthy lifestyles and is for everyone "from the competitive runner to the casual walker." There are various course lengths to choose from -- 3 to 8¾ miles. If you'd like your day to have a polar bear aspect, be sure to choose one of the longer courses that include a water crossing at the mouth of Little River at Moonstone Beach. Yeah, be that person.

Proceeds from the event benefit the Trinidad Chamber of Commerce's scholarship fund. For more info on the Trinidad to Clam Beach Honoring Ford Hess Run go to And yes, organizers are still looking for volunteers. To help out, call 677-1610.



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