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Arts Alive!

First Saturday Night Arts Alive! Saturday, April 2, 2011, 6-9 p.m.



1. WORLD CUP 1626 F St. Georgia Long; DJ Kissyface. 

2. TREASURE TROVE 609 E St. Casey Smith, decorative trinket boxes. 

3. EUREKA INN 518 Seventh St. The Ellen Bryant Vintage Hats are some of the hats in the Now Playing Mildred Peirce on HBO! HollyVogue Vintage and Ellen Bryant supplied Vintage hats for the HBO series staring Kate Winslet and Guy Pearce. Ellen's hats are showing Ellen's hats are showing every Arts Alive with different seasonal Hats, Victorian through the 1960's! Spring Floral are the April Hats!

4.  HUMBOLDT ARTS COUNCIL at the Morris Graves Museum of Art 636 F St. Performance Rotunda: Music by Greg Willis; William Thonson Gallery: Schoohouse Odyssey: Exploring Remote Location Ghost Schools, photographs by Diana Schoenfeld; Homer Balabanis Gallery:  Morris Graves & Selections from the Humboldt Arts Council Permanent Collection; Anderson and Knight Galleries: Redwood Art Association Spring Show Mel Schuler Sculpture Garden Anthony Johnson, Timeworn; Youth Gallery:  Schoolhouse Odyssey:Exploring Remote Location Ghost Schools and Voices from the Past; Floyd Bettiga Gallery: Collectors Sale; Second Saturday Family Arts Day Gallery: Children's Dinosaur Silhouettes.


5a. EUREKA THEATRE 612 F St.  Jazz by Miller, Bettencourt, Roberts and Niven.  

5b. ANNEX 39 610 F St.

6. DALIANES TRAVEL 522 F St. Paul Krakow, shadow box photographs. 

7. SWANLUNDS CAMERA Glen Crosby and Vaughn Hutchins, landscapes and portraits. 

8. SACRED PALACE BOUTIQUE - BIKRAM YOGA - HUMBOLDT BRANCH 516 Fifth St. Varietyville and SambAmore; Reba Melfa, acrylic paintings; Jennifer Sherman, acrylic prints.

9. ARKLEY CENTER FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS 412 G St. Music by The Humboldt Harmonaires at 7:29 p.m.

10. NORTH COAST DANCE 426 F St. Open rehearsals for "Circus of Dance", children's performance. 

10a. INDAH BALI 440 F St. Jazz by Blue Lotus.

11.  SIDEWALK GALLERY at Ellis Art and Engineering 401 Fifth St. Muriel Spencer, paintings and sculpture. 

12.  WELLS FARGO ADVISORS 318 Fifth St. Yvonne Kern, As We See It, oil and watercolor paintings.

13.  AMIGAS BURRITOS 317 Fifth St. Somali Rabang, photos of flowers; Fortuna Skin Divers Club, underwater photography. 

14. EMPIRE SQUARED 47 W. Third St. Empire Squared presents A Sense of Place.

14a. SYNAPSIS WAREHOUSE 47 W. Third St. Shadow Puppet Installation using an overhead projector.

15.  CHERI BLACKERBY GALLERY at the Studio 272 C St. Gerri Sadler, The Celebrities Show. 

16. C STREET HALL GALLERY  208 C St. Silent Auction of animal art to benefit the Japanese animal rescue efforts featuring Stock Schlueter, Rachel Schlueter, John King, Regina Case, Linda Parkinson, Susan Fox, Kathrin Burleson, Carol Andersen, Sara Starr, Kim Pinches, Elizabeth Berrien, Amy Granfield, Linda Wise, Dara Daniel, Claire Iris Schencke, Joan Dunning, Libby Maynard, Susan Cooper, Allison Reed, and Micki Flatmo.

17.  THE WORKS 210 C St. Annie Bond and Blake Reagan; jazz with Bill and Dave. 

17a.  ACCIDENT GALLERY 210 C St. Ryan Montoya, paintings. 

18. SAILORS' GRAVE TATTOO 138 Second St. Tattoo related art, antiques, and memorabilia. 

18a. MANTOVA'S TWO STREET MUSIC 124 Second St. Alien Crew and Guy Vitello. 

18b. LIVELLA STUDIOS (Music Recording Studio/Art Gallery) 120 Second St. Katrina Godsil, acrylic paintings; Music with The Mod Bros. 

19.  STEVE AND DAVE'S First and C Sts. John Harland, photographs; Music with Dr. Squid.

19a. REDWOOD CURTAIN 220 First St. Bea Stanley, oil paintings; Music by Black Cat Bones.

20.  CHAPALA CAFE 201 Second St. Traditional Southwest artists' prints. 

20a.  GOOD RELATIONS 223 Second St. Jill Cooper, Nude Astrology, acrylics. 

21. HUMBOLDT HERBALS 300 Second St. Sue O'Kieffe, mandala art; jazz by Bill and Dave. 

21a. HEALING ART CENTER 320 Second St. Suite 2a. Free 10-minute massages by Tina Allen, CMT; Jazz by Dave and Bill. 

22.  RUSTIC WEST TRADING CO. 339 Second St. Carol Nelson, vintage jewelry; Amy Simon, chain mail jewelry; Eli and Candice, clay and rock jewelry; Paula Hamon, clayworks. 

23. CIARA'S IRISH SHOP 334 Second St. Paul Dixon, photographs. 

23a. CLARKE HISTORICAL MUSEUM Third and E St. New exhibit on local school houses.

24. BELLA BASKETS 311 E St. Visit our new location. Mary Louise Anderson, oils, drawings, and watercolors.

24a. 424 STUDIO 424 Third St. James Reid and Chrisptopher Convoy, photographs.

24b. ORIGINS DESIGN LAB 426 Third St. Chris Frolking, paintings inspired by the beauty of nature.


24c. SHIPWRECK 430 Third St.

25. CAFÉ NOONER 409 Opera Alley. Arcata Arts Institute at Arcata High, landscapes.

26.  HUMBOLDT BAYKEEPER 211 E St. Jenny Metz, silk paintings.

27. RAMONE'S 209 E St. Maureen Fitzgerald. 

28. BOOKLEGGER 402 Second St.

29. TRUCHAS GALLERY/LOS BAGELS 403 Second St. New masks by Allison Reed.30. BELLE STARR 405 Second St. Rande Rothman, silk paintings. 

30a. NORTH SOLES 417 Second St. Beth Gin, Rachel Schlueter and Willie McCarthy, Palette Concept.

31. FIRST STREET GALLERY 422 First St. Sarah Whorf, Tim Camp, Kristy Eden, Max Garcia, Jorden Goodspeed, Patricia Guerrero, Brian Hennesy, Jeff Jensen, Heather Johnston, Sam Kirby, Arielle Kern, Jennifer McElroy, David Midgorden, Ruth Miller, Ozzy Ricardez, Marla Roach, Charissa Schulze, Justin Skillstad, Ryan Apaulding, Mailina Syvoravong, and Stephanie Vonderahe, HSU Printmakers Exhibition; Jim McVicker and Steve Porter, paintings and watercolors.

32. SISTERFRIENDSJEANS 108 F St. Artist Nancy Lawrence, Series of 12, acrylic paintings. 

33.  BAYFRONT RESTAURANT F St. Richard Duning. 


34. STRICTLY FOR THE BIRDS 123 F St. Louis Bacon-Ogden. 

35. THE LITTLE SHOP OF HERS 416 Second St. Duncase, accordion, dobro, and cello. 

35a. YARN 418 Second St. Faye Zierer, hand painted vintage mirrors. 

36. EUREKA FABRICS 420 Second St. Quilt artists. 

36a.  EUREKA BOOKS 426 Second St. Arcata Author and Artist Joan Dunning celebrates her new children's book "Seabird in the Forest" with a book signing.

36b. SHORELINES GALLERY 434 Second St. Scott Hemphill, bronze and copper work.

37. MANY HANDS GALLERY 438 Second St. Phil Haysmer's wood spirits and forest creatures. 

37a.  ALL UNDER HEAVEN 212 F St. Fundraiser for the Tibet earthquake victims, featuring photos of Tibet and a raffle for a Tibetan rug and paintings by Carol Anderson and Augustus Clark. 

38. TALISMAN BEADS 214 F St.  


40.SASAFRASS 226 F St.

41. THE WINE SPOT 234 F St. Ralphie Hendrix and Victoria Ryan, pastels.

42. COCO & CUVEE 531 Third St. Gabrielle Bacchus and Sargon Bacchus, creators of Humboldt Pin-Up Girls; live models.  

42a. DANNILYNN'S SHOE BOUTIQUE 527 Third St. Gabrielle Bacchus, Humboldt Pin-ups. 

43. DISCOVERY MUSEUM Corner of F and Third St. Kids Alive Program Drop off 5:30-8:00; call for reservations 443-9694.  

44. AMERICAN INDIAN ART & GIFT SHOP 241 F St. Stokes-Poitras Family, (Yurok Lakota and Chippewa) featuring bead work, carvings, and fiber arts; plus graduation sash display. 

44a.  OLD TOWN ART GALLERY 233 F St. Diane Williams, photographs. 

45.   BON BONIERE 215 F St. Eclectic Art by the Bon Boniere Ladies!; Dale Winget, guitar/vocalist. 

46.  OLD TOWN COFFEE and CHOCOLATES 211 F St. Dillon, oil paints; Music by Musaic, Balkan and international. 

47. OLD TOWN ANTIQUE LIGHTING Corner of 2nd and F Sts. Mary Martin Harper, A Difficult Balance, monotypes; harp music by Kathe Lythe. 

48. HOLLYGOLIGHTLY 514 Second St. Floral paintings. 

48a. OBERON GRILL 516 Second St. Photographs of Old Eureka from Historical Society. 

48b. ST. VINCENT DE PAUL 528 Second St. Live music. 

49.  LINEN CLOSET 127 F St. Featuring local designer Janet Kopald and her line of Trix Jewelry. Handmade, using a mix of sterling silver, bronze and vibrant color cultured pearls50.  HURRICANE KATE'S 511 Second St. Chris Wisner, Capturing the Beauty and Culture of Agriculture through Photography. 

50a. TESORI 527 Second St. Now Open 50a. VANCE LOBBY 525 Second St. Food for People, the Food Bank for Humboldt County, Second Annual Canstruction- Canned-Food Sculpture Contest. This event will challenge teams to build spectacular sculptures constructed from non-perishable food items, which are then donated to the food bank; live music John David Young Trio.51. HIMALYAN RUG TRADER 529 Second St. Music with Anna Hamilton.

52. PLAZA DESIGN 211 G St. Patricia Sennott, Totems of Spring, monotype local floral and bird imagery; Music by 4 for Jazz.

52a. BUHNE ART STUDIOS 207 G St. Karen Merry's Studio: Jane Good, beginning watercolors; Studios of Fran Kuta and Yuma Lynch: landscape and mixed media paintings. 

53. HUMBOLDT CARPET SHOWROOM AT THE GALLERY Second and G St. Heather Hanko, oil paintings. 

54. THE ART CENTER 616 Second St. Meredith Aldrich, watercolors. 

55. PIANTE 620 Second St. Lori Goodman, Pink, fiber art; Marilyn Andrews, sculpture, bronze and mixed media. 

55a. ESKRA INSURANCE 622 Second St. Wylie Landry, paintings and photographs.   

55a. SMUGS PIZZA 626 Second St. Douglas, art.

56. AVALON Third & G Sts.  


58. STUDIO S  717  Third St. Floral Show.

59. HAS BEANS 738 Second St. Matt Brody, Open Mic. 


61. ADORNI CENTER 1011 Waterfront Dr. Annual Element Show; Performance from Jan Bramlett.

62. HUMBOLDT 1103 Fourth St. at L St. artists. 

63. LOOKING GLASS RESTAURANT 1436 Second St. Brian Kaneko, tattoo artist, painter, and sketch artist.

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